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Sydney Town

We spent a great week in Sydney enjoying the sights and sounds of this beautiful city. One of the first stops was obviously Sydney Harbor where you could see the Sydney Harbor bridge and the Sydney Opera House. These two icons are probably the most photographed items in Sydney, if not all of Australia so I attempted to get some shots that weren’t the standard views. Below is a shot showing the two icons closely cropped.

The Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge in Sydney, Australia

The Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge in Sydney, Australia

This shot below shows a horse statue in the Botanical Garden who seems to be taking in the stunning scenery.


A bronze horse statue in the Botanic Gardens of Sydney checking out the amazing view!

Here is a view of the Opera House juxtaposed with some rooftops of the local establishments. I liked the complimentary contrast.

Opera House

Sydney Opera House in contrast to local rooftops in downtown Sydney

Here is a shot of the Sydney Opera House just after a storm.

Opera House

Large storm clouds hover over the Sydney Opera House

This shot is taken from under the Harbor Bridge looking across the harbor towards the Opera House. Not a bad viewpoint from anywhere near the bridge.

Sydney Harbor

The Sydney Harbor bridge framing in the harbor and Opera House.

Lastly, a panorama of Sydney Harbor taken from the Sydney Harbor Bridge.  A beautiful natural waterway with a lot of traffic.

Sydney Harbor

Sydney Harbor and Opera House as seen from the Sydney Harbor Bridge

Just next to the Sydney Opera House is the Sydney Botanical Gardens, a great view point for the Opera House but also has some incredible flower and tree specimens. I was taken by the orange and red colors in these Orange Canna Lillies.


Orange Canna Lillies in bloom in the Sydney Botanical Garden

No visit to the Botanical gardens would be complete without a shot of a parakeet who seems to favor this green oasis.


A parakeet having a lunch break in the Sydney Botanical Gardens.

On the other side of the harbor, just under the bridge is Luna Park, a classic amusement park.  I loved watching the kid’s expressions riding the Hair Raiser ride!

Luna Park

Kids enjoying the Hair Raiser ride in Luna Park, Sydney.

One of the nice things about Sydney is that not only is it a very large town with many cultural activities, it is also very easy to quickly escape to the beach. Below is a picture taken at Bondi beach where we started a nice 6km seashore walk.


A view of Bondi Beach from the Bondi Surf Club terrace

Lastly we wrapped up our stay going to watch my good friend Kevin’s band, Project Blue, playing at a local bar in downtown Sydney. He’s the silver haired gentleman second from the right.


The Sydney band, Project Blue playing at a local night club in downtown Sydney

Overall, a great week in a city that demands much more time than we were able to give. We definitely plan on going back as we couldn’t do everything we wanted to.

Note: There was a tragic terrorist event at a few days after we left, which is totally rare for Australia, and we offer our condolences to the families involved.

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