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Holy Snakes!

When I saw the Pope, I thought I had seen it all! Little did I know… an Italian friend (thanks Lorenzo!) told me about a religious ceremony in a small village in Abruzzo which occurs once a year on 1 May. I checked the location this morning and found out I was 45 minutes away and had about 1.5 hours to get packed up and get there to check it out.

The festival is called Festa Dei Serpari, or Snake Festival. It celebrates Saint Domenic who rid the area of snakes back in the 11th Century. He is covered in snakes and then carried around town through the small streets lifted high up for all to see.

St Domenic begins his journey around the town

St Dominic begins his journey around the town

Here St Dominic is passing a small alleyway that I ran to trying to get in front of him. It was like a video game trying to guess what route he was taking and finding the right alleyway to run up in time.

St Domenic passing by an alleyway

St Dominic passing by an alleyway

Here St Dominic has passed by but a good shot of him with his snakes and staff.

St Domenic with his snakes hanging out!

St Dominic with his snakes hanging out!

OK, that’s it, back to regularly scheduled posts soon!

Ciao Laurent

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