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Euro Update

Greetings all, well much has happened since the last blog post as most of you know. The biggest thing was my move to southern France. It has been almost one year (minus 2 days) since I decided I would move after reading a great book called Wide Eyed Wanderers. The book is about a couple that quits their jobs and travels for two years in a VW campervan. So, very much like my adventure however I decided to also buy a house and live here in between travelling. There have been some busy times in making this happen but it all seems to be getting easier as each day goes by and I get more settled. Do I regret it? I miss my friends and family in America however I feel so different, very alive, like a kid experiencing new things daily. I just started my final online semester today in Fine Art photography and will finish up in May and that is when the travelling and shooting happen. Excited about that and all the future holds. Don’t want to keep bloggin on but do want to thank everyone who helped get me here, from crash space to car rides to encouragement. Thanks all!

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Saint Martin De L'Arcon, France, Orb river, Mt Caroux

This is a picture up the valley of my village, Saint Martin De L’Arcon in the background, on the side of Mt Caroux. There are great hiking trails all through the hills of that mountain.


This is where I am working from because it is next to the wood burning stove. I’ll move to downstairs when it warms up.


This is my Campervan that will be my home/office/kitchen when on the road. It really is comfortable and much more roomy than living/travelling in my 4runner as I did.


Here is a rainbow shot from my bedroom window here. They seem to be common which is due to our micro-climate that we get on the side of this mountain.

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