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Polska Paradise!

Well it has been several months since my last post from Australia and New Zealand! During that time, I went back to the USA (for 1.5 months) to see my parents and ship my final personal belongings over here to France. Then I worked on renovating my house here in France for 2 months making some nice improvements such as a new concrete floor in my cellar and totally renovating my living room/office. A lot of hard work but very happy with the results!

So, as soon as that was done, I was off again. This time, destination Poland! I traveled via Belgium, through Germany and Czech Republic and then finally Poland. After Poland I returned through Austria, then Italy and back home. Total time on the road was approximately 6 weeks and I traveled 7500km (4660 miles), living mostly in the VW but with a couple of weekend stops in hostels for special events. The route I took is below with the yellow pins showing the overnights, sometimes for several days (please click image for larger viewing).


polski trip-c42.jpg

Overall I have to say a great trip, mainly because I was not sure how I would enjoy Poland (basically due to lack of knowledge of this country) and I have to say I was very happily surprised throughout! It was a country of lakes, farmland, mountains, seashore, and beautiful cities. The people were very friendly (and nice looking :-), the food and drink very tasty and inexpensive, and the atmosphere relaxed. I highly recommend a trip for yourself to discover this place, you won’t regret it. Within the next couple of days, I will be posting a few pictures (in two posts) highlighting my favorite stops along the way. I’ll be back soon, Happy Trails! Laurent

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