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Scandi Update – Norway part 2

(Click on images for bigger view!)


It’s been about 5 days since I left Norway and now cruising around Sweden. Definitely very different landscape but still beautiful.  As I mentioned in the last blog update on Norway, the beauty of Norway is non-stop. It really just kept coming, even as I went further north.  I left the green fjord land (click on images for larger view, if you look in 3rd picture you can see kayaker)


fjord2 cloudsfjord 

and headed North.  Along the way I passed beautiful mountain streams,




a final glacier which I called Number 9




and the Torghatten Hole (click on the image for a larger view to get the perspective of the size of this hole, if you look in the center, you can see the islands in the background and if you really look, you can see a couple of people standing there.)




Travel involved riding on a lot of Ferry boats and I think I spotted Loch Ness on summer vaction.


Norway is famous for their very old churches. I really liked this one with the cloud structure behind it.


Lastly, I reached the Arctic circle arriving around 10 pm, just in time for the sunset.  While the guide book talked down this place because of the commercial visitors center, I really got a kick out of it. There are thousands of cairns on the hills behind the center where people leave their marks and a lot of notes. Very fun place to walk around.


And one final beautiful sunset at the Arctic Circle, 10 before leaving this beautiful country.


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Scandinavia Leg 2-Norway pt 1

It’s been almost two weeks since the last blog post and since I arrived in Norway. Internet access is getting more and more limited as I head North which is alright in that you really feel you are getting away from it all.


All I can say is that Norway the most phenomenally scenic country I have ever been to. Truly a different awe inspiring scene turn after turn, from dramatic fjords to soaring mountains, to blue green waters.



Very amazing. Now one problem is that all these roads that you are driving on while seeing this are 1 to 1.5 lanes wide with no guard rail and sheer 1000ft drop-offs.  You have to continually watch the road and curves because other cars are coming pretty quick and there are these very small pullouts that you use so they can pass. Very tiring driving and doesn’t allow for as much sight seeing or pulling over to shoot as I would like. Anyway, I started off a couple of days in Olso visiting Vigeland Sculpture park and some very strange statues. Actually pretty hilarious. This one is called Man attacked by Babies….



I then went on into fjord country visiting Preikestolen, among others.


It was amazing, especially because the weather held back a lot of people and I actually had the entire rock to myself for 10 minutes.  As I showed before, lots of friendly sheep here.


My first glacier hike was a long slog in the rain but very cool once I got there.






As I found out later, this was only a baby. More to come in the next blog update of Norway Part two! Ciao for now, Laurent


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