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Return to Noosa Heads-Pt 1!

Since I left Sydney and returned to Noosa heads, it’s been a busy three weeks. So busy that I’ve decided to break it down in two blog posts so the blog post isn’t too long. In this post, I’ll talk about more about the animals I’ve been introduced to in the last 3 weeks, always amazing here down under. The first, one that I was not really fond of meeting was a huge Huntsman spider just above my pillow in the bedroom.


A captured Huntsman spider is being relocated

Sandra had to capture him and take him outside as I was busy recovering from my heart attack. They are supposed to be great for capturing mosquitos, gnats and small children. While we’re on the subject of spiders, we were walking through a park in Brisbane and came across about 100 Golden Orb spiders above our heads covering an area of about 30 meters just waiting for something to fly by.

Golden Orb

Golden Orbs in the sky

I pity the poor critter that flies into that web! On the less lethal front but still with spindly legs, we came upon a large group of crabs that were cruising in formation on the beach.

Blue Crab

Blue Crab colony moving in formation

These were incredible as they moved in a wave and this was only a small portion of the colony that existed out there. Here is a closeup of the crabs on the run….

Blue crabs

Small blue colored crabs racing away

On the same beach, I was able to get pretty close to some white seabirds just at the moment when they spooked and took off flying. Quite a sight to see in person!


Seabird movement

The birds here are alway amazing…and noisy, sometimes at 5 a.m. but they are still beautiful to see. Here are a few Cockatoos hanging out on some telephone wires


Cockatoos on a wire

It is really cool to see thousands of these Cockatoos congregate in the trees next to the river every night around 6 pm. An incredible chorus of cackles!

Lastly, while visiting some friends in Brisbane, we were invited up to watch the nightly feeding of a friendly possum. He was really mellow and just enjoyed eating whatever leftovers were available! Definitely could make him my pet!


Possum supper time

Next up in part 2 will be some of the locations that we visited during our 3 weeks in Noosa Heads. Happy Travels!

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