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Mendoza, Land of the Malbec

Wrapped up my stay in beautiful Mendoza cramming in as many winery experiences as possible. This varied from having an outstanding lunch tasting surrounded by vineyards to biking to a few wineries on the Ruta de Vino. Argentina is really making a statement on the world map with their wines, but especially their Malbec version. On the first day, I rented an old beater bike and rode along the Ruta de Vino, aka Wine Road.  It was pretty nice for the first mile until the bike path ran out and I’m sharing the road with crazy Argentine truck drivers. After a few tastings of wine, it didn’t seem so bad. A very scenic ride for the most part (first pix). One of the highlights was visiting an winery opened by some Italian immigrants in 1864. A beautiful winery (second pix) with some great old buildings, still be run by the great, great granddaughter.  The last highlight was the food/wine tasting in the vineyard. Five courses paired with five wines, all incredible. Now I know how the 1% lives (and I like it!


Ruta de VinoDiTomagrassa WineryWine BarrelsRuca Malen tastingWine Grapes


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Aconcagua-the Queen of the South

So there I was….ready to conquer  the second base camp of Mt Aconcagua (highest mountain in the Western and Southern Hemisphere at 22,841ft, located in the Andes about 70 miles northwest of Mendoza). Thought it would be simple, hike to the first base camp at approximately 11,000 ft, camp overnight and get acclimated. Then the next day, do a quick hike to the second base camp at 13,500 and back to base camp one in the same day. Well…a couple factors I didn’t consider into this equation. One, I’m now officially a flatlander. No more of this acclimatized Colorado lifestyle which makes small peak summits way easier. Carrying the backpack with tent, food, water, and camera gear got my attention.  Two, snowstorm during early summer Argentina (December for us but June down south here). I got there, started setting up camp and it started snowing. It didn’t stop all night, even in my tent.

Frosty Night

Sitting out the snowstorm, waiting for the morning

Three season tent, no fleece, and some interesting intestinal problems and I’ll leave it at that. So, I woke up to 3 inches of snow, spoke to the ranger who said more snow on the way and made the command decision to GTFO (acronym for boogie on back down the hill). Was able to knock out some pictures (including some panoramas which I’ll work when I getback. Here are a few pictures just to show the beauty. If you haven’t been down here, Argentina has the some of the most beautiful mountain scenery in the world. And some incredible wine which will be the subject of the next post. Salud!


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Old Mendoza Train Station

Greetings all, Absorbing all the sites here in Mendoza, Argentina. As I was walking in the neighborhood here, I noticed some neat older buildings and train cars that look to have been abandoned for quite a while. I decided to go over and shoot there as I love capturing decaying artifacts of history.

Old Mendoza Train StationOld Mendoza Train LocomotiveMendoza Train GraffittiCircle in the sky

Tomorrow, I take off for a 3 day trek to one of the base camps for Mt Aconcagua, the tallest mountain outside the Himalayas. The mountain is almost 24,000 ft but the base camp only sits at 13,500 ft. Plenty for this flatlander carrying a load of camera gear! Cheers

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