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Amsterdam People

It’s been a while for a blog update, very busy traveling to USA, trying to close up loose ends selling my old furniture and renting my condo.

Last month, I went to Amsterdam with my parents to visit (always love that city).  While they went to a couple of museums that I had visited earlier in the summer, I decided to go out and try some street photography (as most of you know, normally shoot landscape with no people).  I’d be interested to hear your feedback on these pictures, whether you like them or not, and why. Thanks! Laurent


In this first shot, I liked the cross section of the people at this restaurant.  There just seemed to be so many conversations going on, different lives on different paths.


People dining at Rijksmuseum


In this second shot, I liked the leading lines of different faces. I decided to do some selective coloring because one woman was wearing some bright pants.


Amsterdam people soaking in the sun at Rijksmuseum


In this third shot, I saw these two girls just take off on a scooter.  I really liked the flowers hanging off and the reflection of the girl’s face in the mirror.

Amsterdam, scooter

Two Amsterdam ladies riding off on a Scooter


In these last two shots, I was experimenting with reflections on glass and what was going on in the reflection and behind it.


Shoppers at a store in Amsterdam




Diners at Stedelijk museum restaurant with reflections


Please leave your comments below! Thanks Laurent

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