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Cambodia Cruisin, Part 2!

Last week’s blog highlighted the beautiful and very friendly people of Cambodia and now for the second half, I want to highlight some of the landscape and action scenes that I saw.

As I was flying into the country, I was really impressed to see the water, sun reflections and boat traffic. To me, this really stressed the importance of water to the people of Cambodia, as seen in the next 3 pictures. Swimming, washing, fishing, all done in the streams, ponds and lakes and throughout Cambodia!

Phnom Penh

Sunlight poking through on the Bay of Thailand before arriving at Phnom Penh


A young boy leaps of the bridge over a dam near Takeo, Cambodia.


A line of fishermen preparing to cast nets in a lake near Takeo, Cambodia.

Tonle Sap

A boat tows a house (and TV antenna) to a new location on the Tonle Sap river, Cambodia

Before heading to Cambodia, I heard about the famous bats of Battambang and their nightly feeding session so I made sure to catch the event. Fortunately I was warned about not being under their departing path (as it made for a nasty surprise) so I climbed up the side of the mountain and captured them at eye level. I like the abstract nature of this shot!


Millions of bats flying out for dinner from a cave near Battambang, Cambodia

Our final destionation was Angkor Wat and when we arrived, we weren’t disappointed. The immensity and amazing workmanship of the place was a marvel. The attention to detail was evident everywhere you looked.

Angkor Wat

A solo Monk reflecting near the water at Angkor Wat temple.

Angkor Wat

A line of columns symmetrically placed in Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

Angkor Wat

A memorial within one of the hallways in Angkor Wat.

Angkor Wat

A panorama of the Angkor Wat complex, with reflection at dusk.

And of course I have to add a couple pictures of the ever present Monks.  It was always great to see them with their bright orange robes contrasting with the aged Temples.


Some Buddhists Monks visiting the Bayon Temple, with a window of enlightenment above!

Angkor Wat

A group of Buddhist Monks enjoying the visit at the Angkor Wat Temple, Cambodia

That is a wrap on the Cambodia experience. Truly a memorable bike/photo trip with some great friends. If you get a chance, definitely try and visit, you won’t be disappointed.

Rabbit Island

The sun setting with a golden cast on the bay next to Rabbit Island, Cambodia

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