Portugal and Basque Country, Part 2

In the last blog post, I was roaming the beautiful cities and countryside of the Basque country of Spain. Now we continue with Portugal.


After having spent a few days enjoying the mountains of Northwest Spain, I had to race down to Lisbon in order to meet up with my UK friends, the Hash House Harriers. We spent 4 days in Lisbon with a little sightseeing and a whole lot of song and suds. Quite a good time while there. I had been in Lisbon before in 2004 so I didn’t really need to do the sightseeing however I still roamed around and rediscovered this nice city. 


A graffiti covered cable car in the hilly city of Lisbon.

I also took a quick detour over to the town of Sintra, located right next to Lisbon. This disneyland like place made for a great day trip and I highly recommend visiting the castle and gardens. 

Pena Palace

The Pena Palace, located in Sintra Portugal.


This Gargoyle provides a questionable welcome to visitors.

Once again, I had enough city life and it was time to start hitting the coastal cities. I drove from Lisbon and basically hugged the Atlantic coast all the way down to the very tip, Cape St Vincent. There were a lot of beautiful rock and sea formations that I was particularly fond of.  In these photos, I mounted the camera on a tripod and did some long exposures of the surf. 


The rocky coastline of Portugal.


More of the rocky coastline of Portugal.

Not all the rock formations where made by Mother Nature. Here in Vila Nova de Milfones, I discovered a beach covered in stacked rock formations, aka Cairns. 


A beach full of cairns, human stacked stones.

After having visited many beaches and cliffs, it was time again to start seeing some cities. On my return up through the center of Portugal, I visited the scenic town of Evora, a great quick stop to view Roman history. 


The Roman temple of Evora.


After this, I visited Coimbra, a beautiful university town sitting on the Mondego river. Sometimes during my travels, I get a good vibe from a town and this was one of those towns, causing me to extend my stay. 



A night shot of Coimbra and the Mondego river.


From there, I kept heading North with a stop in the famous town of Porto and the Duoro valley. It is hear that they make the world famous Port wine and that they have the vineyards just clinging on the side of the mountains. An astonishing site and well worth the visit. 



The town of Porto, where the famous Port wine is made.



The Douro valley with the vines clinging on the hillsides.


Having had my fill of Port and Petiscos (Tapas), it was time for redemption. And what better place than Santiago de Compostela back in Spain. I did a quick visit there, enjoying watching the Pilgrims arrive and then a quick tour of the Cathedral. 


A giant incense burner in the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.



A signpost for the Camino trail near Santiago de Compostela.


Being there only reinforced my desire to hike the Camino trail (780km!)  from France next Spring. Hopefully that will happen…

That wraps up this voyage. It was a great time and really met a lot of  people, many of whom are now new friends on Facebook. I do have to say the best parts of these trips are not the food, drink or sites visited, but the people that I have gotten to know along the way. I look forward to my next big trip which should be coming up this Fall. Destination….


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